Hair mask

What you need: Is your hair dry, dull and damaged by the harsh chemicals and heat used with it over the years?

Restore effortlessly and easily with Morliss Mask, the only mask you need to have beautiful hair!

Luxurious solution: Morliss Moisturizing Mask with Cocoa does everything for your hair:

It restores, nourishes and helps it grow longer than ever before, all with just a few magic masks applied once a week.

Easy to Use: Unlike a traditional hair mask, it only takes a few minutes for a hair treatment to work wonders on the hair.

You can also apply the serum to both wet and dry hair, according to your preference

Active Ingredients: Made by our professional experts, Morliss mask contains ingredients that deeply nourish one half of the serum is cocoa oil.

While the other half is made of shea butter and many other powerful ingredients that will provide strength, shine and health to your hair.

To make it completely natural, unlike traditional professional hair treatments, our serums are bio-organic and contain natural and nourishing ingredients.

In this way, you can protect your scalp and hair from unwanted toxins.

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