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Morliss formula – Premium cocoa is free of formaldehyde and rich in extracts and natural proteins

Morliss Professional, brings an exclusive formula CACAO PREMIUM to transform your routine, with a lasting application that will bring disciplined, hydrated and more shiny hair! Caring for you for a long time, letting you live the best of life!

Our chemists guarantee the production and extraction of products of excellence and very well cultivated, for the best final result! Certifying ourselves  in natural Brazilian extracts, organic and of maximum quality. With commitment, transparency and ethics.

Morliss is one of the newly developed products Unique and exclusive treatments. If you are looking For an innovative product, we have developed our Products in order to enjoy all the elegance and charm And appear a wonderful beauty. Morliss organic ingredients: Morliss ingredients were chosen from the best certified specialists In Brazil where they chose the finest types of cocoa oats and Soy in order to suit all types of hair and make the hair 100% smooth And 100% hair treated with consideration to make the protein free Of vermiculite and we make sure that the protein Is a safe product to use


Brazilian Ministry of Health [ANVISA]

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Food and Drug Authority [SFDA] (Saudi Arabia)
Technical Inspection Report [Intertek] (الدوليه)